Monday, January 21, 2013


Today you Dad get his second set of stitches out of his forehead. The first one was over his right eye about 2 to 3 inches to remove a skin cancer that he had (they got it all). He got a black eye from that one and everyone at the temple was asking him what happened. The second one was to remove a very large mole again on the right side of his forehead in the hairline. It wasn't cancer but very big and deep so the Dr. took it out too. No bruising from this one just the stitches.
The cold weather has been rough on your Dad, no yard work to do but he is keeping busy in the temple now that it is open again. He is trying to do 4 sessions a day Tuesday - Friday. It is part of a "Texas Deal" he made with the Lord. He prayed every night that if I would get my social security and teacher retirement he would work in the temple for him, and the money came shortly.

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